Accomodation options

During our trip we plan on using a number of ‘bases’ that we can treat as home for a week.

In Ireland, we are looking at renting cottages for a week at a time, one in each area. For example, here is one place we are looking at.

Living in cottages has the advantage of being self catering, gives us a touring base that we can do day trips from and allows us to relax in our own ‘home’ each night. Most surprising is the cost β€” to rent a cottage is roughly the same or less than using B&Bs or hotels. We were expecting it to be higher, given that many are advertised as ‘luxury’ cottages.

In Paris, we are looking at renting an apartment for the time we are there. There is a myriad of choices of these ranging widely in price and facilities. But they appear to be much cheaper than hotels and give us the option of self catering.

The only places where we won’t be using this type of accommodation is London, Dublin and throughout Switzerland [which is another story in itself].


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